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Quizzing News!

2014 Season:

  • Click here for week 7 team standings.
  • Quizzing is at 2 pm today, Sunday, March 2.
  • The individual standing are now hidden until the end of the season.
  • The February 9th quiz meet has been moved to 2:00 pm due to snow in the forecast.
  • Due to the Super Bowl, the third quiz meet will start at 2:00 pm.
  • The scripture for 2014 is:
Exodus 1 – 20 (excluding Chapter 6 verses 14-25)
Exodus 23:20 through Chapter 24
Exodus 31:12 through Chapter 34
Note that the English Standard Version is being used.

2013 Season:

  • Zion 2 becomes the 2013 Invitational Tournament champion, with Slate Hill winning 3rd place and Petra 1 taking 4th.
  • View the final team and individual standings.
  • Hinkletown 2 is the winner of the ACC Tournament, E-Town 2 is second, and Slate Hill and Weaverland 2 are semifinalists.
  • Bowmansville 4 is the 2013 season champion, and E-Town 2 is the runner up.
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