Quiz Team

A quiz team praying before their match

Quiz Teams consist of 4 or more quizzers from one church. Quiz teams are given names based on their home church. (Ex: Zion Mennonite Church quiz team is named "Zion".) Some churches have multiple quiz teams. (Ex: Petra 1, Petra 2, Petra 3, etc.) Quiz teams usually have one or more practices per week. During practices, the team will do certain things to help prepare each quizzer for the quiz meet on Sunday. Some examples are: practice quiz matches, studying and reading the assigned Bible passage, and memorizing techniques. Some teams have a practice after church on Sundays and then travel together to the quiz meet location. Throughout the quizzing season, team members tend to grow close together, forming a family.

Team StandingsEdit

Each teams receives an accumulative ranking each week throughout the season. The standings tell the name of each team, the total number of matches it has participated in, its total points, and its average points per match. Each week during the quizzing season, the team and individual standings are posted in PDF format of the main page of this site under the "Important PDFs" section.

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