2011's ACC Tournament results can be found here.

The ACC Tournament is held every year after the regular quizzing season is over. The matches of the tournament cover the entire year's Bible material; it is all review.

Tournament SetupEdit

The typical format of the ACC Tournament is round-robin, followed by single-elimination playoffs. All the teams in the tournament are placed in 8 groups, labeled "A" through "H". Teams quiz against each one of the other teams in their group. The top 2 or 3 teams from the group, determined by win/loss record, go into a single-elimination playoff bracket. Typically, the round-robin tournament is done in the afternoon and the playoffs are during the evening. In between the tournament and playoffs, the top quizzers are announced and rewarded. Afterwards, tournament awards are given to the winning team, second-place team, and the two semifinal teams.


The location of the ACC Tournament has changed is past years based on who has opened their doors to ACC Bible Quizzing, as well as finances. The table below shows a few locations where the ACC Tournament has been held in the past.

Years Location
2009-Present Lancaster Mennonite School
2004-2008 Lancaster Bible College
????-2003 Pequea Valley High School (playoffs at Ridgeview Mennonite Church)

Previous WinnersEdit

Year 1st Place 2nd Place Semifinalist Semifinalist
2014 Calvary Monument 1 Bowmansville 2 Petra 1 E-Town 1
2013 Hinkletown 2 E-Town 2 Slate Hill Weaverland 2
2012 Slate Hill 1 Hinkletown 3 Hinkletown 2 Petra 2
2011 Slate Hill 1 Petra 2 Rivercorner Gehmans 1
2010 Petra 1 Petra 2 Weaverland 2 Gehman
2009 Bowmansville 1 Conestoga Weaverland 2 Petra 3
2008 Petra 5 Petra 2 New Danville Slate Hill 1
2007 Rockville Slate Hill 1 Petra 5 E-Town 3
2006 Conestoga 1 Paradise 4 Paradise 2 E-Town 3
2005 Spring City Goods 2 Hope Community 4 Slate Hill 1
2004 Paradise 1 Rivercorner 3 Hope Community 1 Petra 3
2003 Petra 1 E-Town 2 Paradise 3 Hampden 3
2002 Paradise 2 Bart 1 Rockville Hampden

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